4 Home Office Design Ideas

4 Home Office Design Ideas

Home Office Design Ideas

The 2020 pandemic has greatly impacted and changed the way we work for now and maybe forever. With one of the biggest adjustments being employees forced to work from home, it's important that these home offices are functional and productive spaces. Designers at Flair Interior Design have created this post to help you improvise a smart workspace in your home, whether the room is big or small. Let our interior design in Richmond Hill team assist you in creating a desirable home office with these valuable tips!

Create a Good Lighting Scheme

Good Lighting SchemeWhen you have proper lighting installed in an office space, it makes each task easier. This is because well-designed lighting can help to reduce eye fatigue and decrease headaches from occurring. Three categories of lighting include ambient, task, and accent which can all be used to create a well-planned room. Incorporating layers of lighting such as table lamps, ceiling lamps, or floor lamps can help increase productivity as it's better to work in a bright or high-intensity lighting space.

The Beauty of Plants

Beauty of PlantsFor many reasons, plants have been proved to be a valuable asset in any office space. First off, plants can add an aesthetic element to the space while adding a pop of colour where it is needed. While this is nice, it's important to note that a plant's main purpose is to help purify the air. When the air is cleaner, it has been shown to increase productivity and replenish focus. Adding a house plant in a decorative pot will be a great asset in your home office.

Add Layers to the Space

Space LayersLayering is a great interior design technique to make a space comforting and inviting. Layering can be done by introducing different patterns, colours, and textures. It allows for taking individual design elements and pulling them together to create a cohesive look. Some ideas include adding decor such as flower arrangements or books, including wall hangings such as photos, mirrors, or artwork, or including furniture elements such as accent tables, sofas, or chairs.

Incorporate the Right Colours

Office Design Right ColoursDid you know certain colours can contribute to concentration and creativity? In a home office, it's recommended to opt for colours such as pale blues or pale greens as these colours promote calmness and contribute to a tranquil environment. In addition, painting with light colours can make an office space feel bigger, and adding mirrors on top of your painted walls is also a great way to make a space feel larger.

How We Can Help

If you are looking for the opinion of an interior design professional to help you create a beautiful space design for your home office, our expert team would be happy to help. Our team can take all of the elements listed in this post and adjust them to meet the needs of your space. If you are working from home, it's time to work in a space that will keep you productive and creative. Give our team a call today at 647-407-4070 to book your consultation.

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